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All iCopy-X comes with basic cards inside the box

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iCopy-X includes only basic cloning cards

Basic Cards:

M1-4B (L1) – 4 Cards
M1-4B (L2) – 4 Cards
M1-4B (L3) – 4 Cards
ID1 – 4 Cards

Copies the following fobs:

EM Marin
HID Proxi
Viking (FDI)
HID Indala (Motorola)
And many more….

13.56mhz (14443A)
MIFARE 1k S50 4 Byte
MIFARE 1k S50 4 Byte (Anti Firewall)

What we are not able to do
ICLASS Elite (Custom Key)


16 reviews for iCopy-X

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