iCopy has been the must-have tool for all locksmiths all around the world. With major upgrades from access control system vendors, we have been constantly updating our device for the international market.

With its handheld design, we have been the best tool to have in the market unlike other competitors requiring their device to be used with a computer. This year we have partnered with major players in the RFID research field to come out with an all-new iCopy called iCopy-X.

Why iCopy-X

iCopy-X is a “super” automated handheld RFID copier based on Proxmark3. iCopy-X can read, crack, duplicate, sniff and simulate without the use of a PC.

iCopy-X would be the No.1 tool to have whether you are a locksmith, landlord, property management team, or even security company.

We need something that is easy to use for all kinds of users. The whole idea is to combine the iCopy + Proxmark3 + PC into one device and make it super easy to use. No complicated steps, just simple operating buttons.

The current iCopy-X is the latest and most powerful RFID copier in the market now. It covers what its previous versions can do and we added more RFID system cloning and also other functionalities including simulating and analyzing.

Currently, it reads up to 45 types of RFID system cards and copies up to 37 types of RFID cards which is the highest in the world.

Powerful and handheld. Suitable for all kinds of users be it locksmiths, landlords, or any other sort of professionals.



How does it work?

  •  Scanning, reading, and writing

Simply place the card/fob on the iCopy-X and with one button you are able to scan, read, crack and copy with the instructions given. It’s that simple.

  • Simulating
  • Sniffing


iCopy-X is an all-in-one comprehensive RFID duplication solution, allowing for seamless reading, cracking, decoding, duplication, backup, and analysis of most low-frequency and high-frequency RFID chipsets on the market.

Device Overview

  •  HighFrequency & Low-Frequency Analysis and Cloning

Automated reading, writing, sniffing, cloning, and even simulation including both high-frequency (13.56MHz) and low-frequency (125KHz) cards.


iCopy-X is a standalone device that requires no internet connectivity or external computers. 90% of the “cracking” can be done with the device standalone.


iCopy-X is powered via its internal battery.

The iCopy-X system allows locksmiths to create exact copies of your electronic badges with just a few buttons away.

  • PC-Mode

With PC-Mode, we provide a more professional and comprehensive operation. For expert users who are already familiar with using the Proxmark3 commands, operations will also be able to choose from using a command line or software provided inside the iCopy-X.

Step-by-step instructions are also available for regular users.


Nikola T. Lab Ideology:

Our team’s intention of creating iCopy-X is to create a smaller, more durable, high-performance-enhancing product for the international market. Nobody knows better than us on RFID card cloning for the international market. With more major systems supported and more UID changeable cards developed, we are able to cater to the vast majority of what they need to keep themselves competitive. Our belief is to design what people need.

About Nikola T. Lab Development Team

Nikola T. Lab development team comprises team members from former iCopy engineers and RFID experts from all around the world. With the accumulated experience of manufacturing, research, and resources from RFID card factories, we are able to bring more to the table to help locksmiths keep up with the latest updates in the market.

What’s coming new on the new iCopy?

  • Stronger CPU Supporting Standalone Cracking
  • Simulation & Sniffing built-in with Key Calculation
  • AI Optimization Solution Process Logic
  • MIFARE Intelligent “Key” Management system
  • T5577 Encrypted “Cracking”
  • Fast Write and Verification
  • Automatic RFID Card Data File Saving
  • Proxmark3 original return synchronous display
  • RF circuit optimization, “stability first”.
  • Innovative expert mode, namely PC-mode.
  • Better Classification of RFID Cards
  • Fully English AI Audio and System
  • Advanced Li-ion management and low energy system
  • Built-In U disk file system
  • Constant firmware upgrade within one hardware
  • Smaller in size (40%)
  • Type-C Charging
  • Reads up to 45 types and copies up to 37 types of RFID cards

Refer to Annex A (at the end of the page) if you need a detailed description.

Comparison Chart


Future Upgrades

  •  Cards read will be saved into serial numbers for user reference.

With the serial number, you are able to retrieve from the history stored inside iCopy-X and write it immediately without the card.

  •  Write function

We will include the write function in our next upgrade. You can select the write function on the main page where you will be able to write different RFID system cards with the hex data or card format.

Technical Specifications

  •  Charging and battery

Battery capacity: 2000mAh 7.4Wh

Charging interface: USB Type-C double-sided charging interface

Charging power: 10W (MAX)

Charging time: 2 hours

OTG function: support

Standby time: 4.5 hours

  •  Processor 

CPU technology: Cortex-A7

CPU frequency: 600MHz


  • Memory

256MB+4GB (iCopy-X)

256MB+8GB  (iCopy-XR)

256MB+16GB (iCopy-XS)

*The actual usable capacity will be reduced and different due to many factors: because the operating system occupies part of the memory (RAM), the actual available space is less than the marked memory capacity; because the operating system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the flash memory (ROM) ), the actual available storage space is less than the identified flash memory capacity.

  • Screen

Refresh rate: 50Hz

Resolution: 240×240

Size: 1.3 inches

  • RFID system

HF(13.56MHz): ISO14443A/ISO14443B/ISO15693/PICOPASS

LF(125/134kHz): ASK/FSK/PSK

Protocol type: MIFARE CLASSIC 1K 4 & 7 BYTE /MIFARE CLASSIC 4K 4 & 7 BYTE /ICODE /Legic /Felica /SRI512 /TOPAZ /iCLASS Legacy & Elite / EM Marin / HID Prox / Indala / Motorola/ AWID/ IoProx/ G-Prox/ SecuraKey/ Viking(FDI) /Pyramid/FDX-B /Gallagher /Jablotron /Keri / Nedap / Noralsy/ PAC/ Stanley/ Paradox/ Presco /  Visa2000 /HITAG /Nexwatch / EM4305 /T5577

  • Physical dimensions

Height: 120.5mm

Width: 55.2mm

Thickness: 24mm

Antenna thickness: 9.7mm

Weight: 113.5g

  • Operating System


Based on Linux.

  •  What’s in the box

iCopy-X x1

USB Type-C data cable x1

Box of RFID Cloning Cards x1

Manual x1

Development Photos

Concept Designs



Annex A

  • Stronger CPU Supporting Standalone Cracking

A mini computer equivalent to the Raspberry Pi is used. Thanks to the combination of ARM A7 600MHz+256M+16G, Darkside (PRNG) is only 12 seconds/key slower than X86. Nested is only 5 seconds/key slower than X86, StaticNested has the same speed as x86. (This speed is measured in the laboratory, for reference only)


  • Simulation & Sniffing built-in with Key Calculation

The sniffing function can monitor the interactive information traffic between the card and the reader when swiping the card. And it can automatically calculate the encrypted key from “Trace” and automatically add it to the key dictionary file. The password dictionary file will be used automatically when cloning the card. The whole process is simple and easy to operate. At the same time, “Trace” can be saved to the built-in U disk, which can be browsed at any time on the computer for professional analysis and other purposes. The function of the analogy card is the same as above but does not include the function of calculating the encrypted key.


  • AI Optimization Solution Process Logic

Our artificial intelligence algorithms were perfected through our 10 years of experience in RFID card cloning and serving locksmiths all over the world and can adapt automatically to various situations. It can easily handle complex abnormal situations, such as 10 situations after the MIFARE control word authority is modified, card sector damage, multi-card stacking, signal intermittent, full encryption or semi-encryption decryption failure, and other special cases, with complete automatic processing mechanism, and prompts. Super compatibility, flexible use, and seamless operation throughout.

Scan logic diagram
Mifare Read logic diagram
LF Read Logic Diagram
Write Logic Diagram
  • MIFARE Intelligent “Key” Management system

The intelligent password management system will automatically classify the saved passwords according to the card number, sniff or crack the passwords, and automatically remove the duplicates and save them in the dictionary file. When the same card is copied for the second time, the password will be found automatically, which greatly saves time. You can also manually add your own common passwords.

  •  T5577 Encrypted “Cracking”

We have added lots of T5577 passwords into iCopy-X that “cracks” the t5577 cards. You will be able to clone these cards too. We have a 70% success rate on these kinds of RFID cards. We will constantly add new passwords into the password library to ensure users have a higher percentage over time.


  • Fast Write and Verification

After each card writing is completed, it will automatically quickly verify whether the card data writing is successful, which greatly improves stability and avoids errors.


  • Automatic RFID Card Data File Saving

After reading the card, it will automatically save the card data files accordingly in the built-in U disk according to the type and card number, which can be browsed on the computer at any time. With the file management system sorted out properly, we face a more structured file search for future usage.

File Management System
  • Proxmark3 original return synchronous display

During the operation, you can press the right arrow key, and the screen will automatically switch to the original return, synchronous display, authentic. Those who are accustomed to using Proxmark3 will also be able to handle it easily and master more complete parameters and get more detailed data and information in real-time viewing on background running progress.


  • RF circuit optimization, “stability first”.

We optimize the RF card reading range and antenna circuit for writing the RFID cards. We do not only pursue read distance, but also pursue stability, and completely eliminate the blind areas for RF reading. Optimized the timing accuracy of 125K card reading, which can stably read and write various versions of T5577.

Before (Blind Area)
After (No Blind Area)
Before (Poor Timing Accuracy)
After (Perfect Timing Accuracy)
  • Innovative expert mode, namely PC-mode.

In PC-Mode, after connecting to the computer, open the client in the built-in U disk, you can directly use the Proxmark3 universal CMD to operate. It is convenient for users to directly operate the equipment in a more professional way.

Hardnesting with iCopy-X
HF Waveform
LF Waveform
  • Better Classification of RFID Cards

We cleaned up the old classification based on the old iCopy and push out the actual card type so users can have a better understanding of each card used and cloned. No need for confusion. We provide the card so you make fewer mistakes and concentrate on what works best for you.


  • Fully English AI Audio and System

Features a friendly artificial intelligence voice for visually impaired users or for operating without having to look at the screen


  • Advanced Li-ion management and low energy system

With an advanced power management system, the lithium-ion battery automatically stops charging when it is full, and automatically powers down the device when the battery level is low. When powered down, the device goes into sleep mode with minimal battery consumption.’The sleep current is only 50uA. Users need not worry about the device overcharging.


  • Built-In U disk file system

With a built-in U disk file system, you can connect to a computer to view the card data records at any time. You can also personalize your own files and data.

  • Constant firmware upgrade within one hardware

Semi-automatic firmware upgrade: Download the upgrade package from the official website, copy it to the U disk, and automatically recognize the upgrade package after entering the upgrade menu, and automatically complete the upgrade.

There is no need to constantly upgrade your device by buying a new one.

  • Smaller in size (40%)
  • Type-C Charging
  • Reads up to 45 types and copies up to 37 types of RFID cards